Ask the purple twin

Sep 5

Sep 5

Uh.. I don't actually know, but how is it do people get hickeys? I just know its bad but I don't know...

*Gula’s face grows bright red*

"Uh well… the bruising is from uh… lots of intimate contact and stuff…"

*she covers her face*

"I feel very uncomfortable telling you about this."

*she begins to sink away*

"Please ask someone else I am going to hide under a table now."

Sep 5

Honesty Hour


Ask me anything for the next hour. I will answer honestly.

Sep 3

Sep 3

Sep 3

M!A - You are Genderbent for 4 days




Sep 3

urs like a good guy

so follow your heart dreams

find happiness

be happy because u are a nice person

nice people should have their heart dreams come try yeah

Sep 3

❤ (god chan)

Zero you are someone I love so dearly in this world. You fill this world with so much happiness and my own heart feels light when you are around. You are a kind and caring person and I love you more than I can even say. Thank you for everything Zero.

Sep 3

❤ (Plastic)

I am glad that I have met you.

Sep 3

Text meme


Send me a symbol for a:

✌ - Drunk/drugged text

❤ - A heartfelt text

⚠ - An emergency text

☾ - A bedtime text

✈ - A text while travelling

✴ - An angry text