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Ask My Muse Questions That Will…


↳ Embarrass the muse

↳ Scare the muse

↳ Make the Mun have to think

↳ Just ask questions!

OH! I love halloween! I've been told I have an eye for costumes too... Hm... For you, I recommend you try dressing as an animal trainer! With your build, and if you tie up your hair just so, you have the perfect appearance for it! all you need is an animal or two to go along with you .w.


Beachpro the return


Beachpro the return

Gula and Margo scout out a bunch of really trendy shops like music shops, bakeries, and coffee shops. They have a review blog for these things.

God-chan: Sometimes when Gula gets bored she will stop by God-chan’s house during laundry day. They will spend hours matching socks while watching a movie and drinking wine.

Suresha: Gula wants hair like Suresha, she thinks he looks glorious.

✦ Gula is taller than 1002. But if 1002 feels self-conscious about it she will squat down so 1002 is taller. 

Gula finds 1003 super adorable. She loves 1003’s hair, clothes, and just about everything. Gula secretly wants to adopt 1003 as a sibling.

♥ ((if possible?)) ☁

♥ Gula loves 416, she is rather jealous of her slim body. With 416’s help she was able to go through Ira’s clothing and donate a lot of it.

☁ While 416 was trying to help Gula she snapped a lot, she cried, and she screamed. It was not an easy process but 416 still stayed and helped. 

☁ En: Some days Gula resents En for saving her. Sometimes she wishes that he would have left her to die. She even goes as far as cursing his name under his breath before breaking down and crying.

☮, ♥

☮ Gula has found a lot of comfort in Damien. From time to time she will stop by his house to thank him. She brings him cakes, snacks, and food and makes sure that he eats. 

♥ Ira used to have a lot of fun planning her ‘casual dates’ with Damien. She would spend hours planning how she would ‘bump’ into Damien and where she would take him. IT would always make her happy when those dates would go well.